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Titration standard: ammonium

Ammonium rhodanide
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Ammonium rhodanate import GOST 27067-86.
Group: Ammonium thiocyanate
Ammonium persulphate
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Ammonium persulphate GOST 20478-75.
Group: Ammonium sulfate
Ammonium molybdate
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Ammonium molybdate 4 water pure. Ammonium molybdate 4 water pure represents the colourless or slightly painted in greenish or yellowish color crystals, water soluble. On air crystals disappear, losing part of ammonia. GOST 3765-78 Ammonium molybdate intends for production of wire, bars,...
Group: Ammonium molybdate
Ammonium persulphate
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Ammonium persulphate. Ammonium persulphate or ammonium persulphate is colourless hygroscopic crystals. Let's easily dissolve in water, strong oxidizer. Aqueous solution has acid reaction. When heating above 120 °C turn into ammonium pyrosulphate (NH4)2S2O7, emitting oxygen. Quite dry salt remains...
Group: Ammonium sulfate
Ammonium acetic h
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Reactants ammonium acetate The Fuad kimya servis company implements from warehouse in Sumgayit Reactants ammonium acetate. GOST 3117-78 (1-2)-ism Reactants ammonium acetate represents colourless hygroscopic crystals, easily water soluble and alcohol.
Group: Ammonium acetate
Ammonium muriate
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Fuad kimya servis, offers chloride ammonium - from continuous availability in warehouse in the city of Sumgayi
Group: Ammonium chloride


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