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Fuad kimya servis, OOO
Fuad kimya servis, OOO

Solvents, washes

ChDA toluene
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ChDA toluene. ChDA toluene pure for the analysis. Toluene Is intended for application in laboratory practice. Toluene state standard specification 5789-78, Blank for the analysis Product of catalytic reforming of petrol fractions of oil. It is allocated with selective extraction and the...
Group: Toluene
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the Fuad kimya servis company offers turpentine of production of China from the warehouses Turpentine - colourless or slightly yellowish liquid with a specific coniferous smell, Turpentine as solvent of varnishes and paints and also turpentine is widely applied applied in medicine, veterinary...
Group: Turpentine oil


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