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Fuad kimya servis, OOO
Fuad kimya servis, OOO

Organic acids and salts

Citric acid monohydrate
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Citric acid monohydrate. citric acid (E330) is widely used in carbonated and not carbonated, alcoholic and soft drinks for the purpose of giving of feeling of freshness by it. It also protects products from corrupt influence of the traces of heavy metals which are in them. Flavoring properties of...
Group: Monohydrate acidum citricum
Calcium carbonate
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Calcium carbonic GOST 4530-76. Calcium carbonate represents powder of white color, is not soluble in water, we will dissolve in acids.
Group: Calcium carbonate
Oxalic acid
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State standard specification 22180-76 oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is dibasic saturated carboxylic acid. Oxalic acid and salts of oxalic acid are applied in the textile, tanning industry as pickle. Also oxalic acid is used as component of anode bathtubs. It is possible to specify the final cost of...
Group: Acid oxalic
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Thiourea. Thiourea - white crystals of bitter taste. Restrictedly it is soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, pyridine, is insoluble in diethyl ether, benzene. At long heating above 130 °C turn into NH4SCN ammonium rhodanide.
Group: Thiourea
Rosin willow
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Group: Rosin willow
Acid Sulphate
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Group: Acid Sulphate
Acids and organic salts
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Group: Acids and organic salts


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