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Fuad kimya servis, OOO
Fuad kimya servis, OOO


Methyl red
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methyl red Indus. chda. Indus. methyl red pure for the analysis. Methyl indicator. methyl red, orange, phenolphthalein, alizaric yellow, red, methylene blue, etc. available and under the order.
Group: Methyl red
Phenolphthalein of chd
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Chemical reactants and especially pure substances Phenolphthalein of chd, pure for the analysis
Group: Phenolphthalein
Methyl orange
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Methyl orange It is applied Methyl orange as acid base indicator, titrant when determining strong oxidizers, spectrophotometric definition of oxidizers (chrome, bromine). 0,1% aqueous solution is applied in analytical chemistry as the indicator. Changes color from red in acid condition (pH 3,1 to...
Group: Methyl orange


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