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Epsom salt 7 water ChDA
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Epsom salt 7 water ChDA. GOST 4523-77 Epsom salt 7-water (magnesium sulfate) is received interaction of magnesite with sulphuric acid with afterfiltration, crystallization and drying of product in dryer drum. Application 7-water epsom salt is applied in agriculture as fertilizer and in...
Group: Magnesium is sulfate 7- aqueous
Sodium carbonate HCh
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Sodium carbonate HCh. Sodium carbonate HCh chemically pure GOST 83-79. Sodium carbonic white granular powder, easily water soluble.
Group: Carbonic sodium
Methylene chloride HCh
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Methylene chloride HCh. Methylene chloride HCh chemically pure, stabilized
Group: Methylene chloride technical
Eriochrom black ChDA T
In stock 
Eriochrom black T pure for the analysis. You can learn additional information on chemical reactants from our managers having called by our phones.
Group: Chemical reactants
Sulphosalicylic acid
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Sulphosalicylic acid. Appearance: white crystal powder. Storage conditions: in the dry, well aired room. Sulphosalicylic acid and its salts possess antiseptic action. Sulphosalicylic acid is used for turbidimetric definition of proteins. as reagent for detection and division of ions of Fe, A1,...
Group: Reagents
Sodium citrate 2 water
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Sodium citrate 2 water I will sell Sodium of the citrate 3 deputies, 2-water
Group: Citrate sodium
Ammonium molybdate
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Ammonium molybdate 4 water pure. Ammonium molybdate 4 water pure represents the colourless or slightly painted in greenish or yellowish color crystals, water soluble. On air crystals disappear, losing part of ammonia. GOST 3765-78 Ammonium molybdate intends for production of wire, bars,...
Group: Ammonium molybdate
Zinc sulfate 7th water H
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Zinc sulfate 7 water. GOST 4174-77 7-water zinc sulfate representing the white crystal powder or crystals disappearing in dry air, water soluble, insoluble in alcohol
Group: Sulfate zinc
Starch indicator Ch
In stock 
The indicator to Baku, chemical reactants. Starch indicator Ch
Group: Chemical skilled samples
Chromic darkly blue ChDA
In stock 
Chromic darkly blue ChDA. Our company we specialize in sale of chemical reactants and also Chrome Dark blue, Chda
Group: Chemical skilled samples
Butyl ether of acetic acid Ch
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Butyl ether of acetic acid Ch, pure. The present standard extends to ethyl and butyl acetates (ethyl acetate and butyl acetic ether) which represent colorless and transparent liquids with characteristic smell. Are a little soluble in water; with ethyl alcohol and ethyl ether mix up in all ratios....
Group: Reagents organic
Butanol 1 ChDA
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Butanol 1 ChDAThe Fuad kimya servis company implements butanol (butyl alcohol, N butanol, 1 butanol) PA (pure for the analysis) of GOST 6006-78. Butanol in thin organic synthesis as solvent, reagent of division of sodium chlorides and lithium is applied. In synthesis of pitches carbamide and...
Group: Butanol (butyl alcohol)
ChDA toluene
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ChDA toluene. ChDA toluene pure for the analysis. Toluene Is intended for application in laboratory practice. Toluene state standard specification 5789-78, Blank for the analysis Product of catalytic reforming of petrol fractions of oil. It is allocated with selective extraction and the...
Group: Toluene
ChDA aluminum potassium alum
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ChDA aluminum potassium alum. GOST: GOST 4329-77 The ChDA aluminum potassium alum represents colourless transparent crystals or small crystal powder of white color; are badly soluble in cold water, it is good - in hot. The product is non-toxical, fire and explosion-proof.
Group: Aluminum potassium alum
Potassium sulphocyanate
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Potassium rodanist. GOST 4139-75 Potassium sulphocyanate colourless crystals (in weight - white color), water soluble and blurring on air. producer China
Group: Potassium thiocyanate


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