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Formalin technical
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Formalin technical
Group: Formalin
Sodium-potassium tartrate 4 water import.
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Potassium-sodium tartrate 4 water import GOST 5845-79.
Group: Chemical reactants
Potassium zhelezosinerodnisty
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Potassium zhelezosinerodnisty import GOST 4206-75. Synonym: Potassium geksatsianoferroat, Hexacyanoferrate (II) of potassium, potassium ferrocyanide, yellow blood salt International name: POTASSIUM FERROCYANIDE. Application Potassium geksatsianoferroat it is applied • at production of...
Group: Chemical reactants
3-water ferroprussiate
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3-water ferroprussiate.
Group: Potassium ferrocyanide 3- aqueous
Manganese sulfate 1 water
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Manganese sulfate 1 water.
Group: Sulfurous marganesse
Sulphosalicylic acid 2 water
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Sulphosalicylic acid 2 water.
Group: Chemical reactants
Sodium salicylate
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chemical products Sodium salicylate import GOST 4139-75
Group: Chemical production
Import potassium sulphocyanate
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Potassium rhodanate import GOST 4139-75.
Group: Potassium thiocyanate
Ammonium rhodanide
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Ammonium rhodanate import GOST 27067-86.
Group: Ammonium thiocyanate
Ferrous sulfate 7 water impor
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Ferrous sulfate of the 7th water import GOST 4148-78.
Group: Iron sulfate (ferrous) 7-water
Hydroxylamine hydrochloride
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Hydroxylamine hydrochloride. it is made in China.
Group: Chemical reactants
Import zinc chloride
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Zinc chloride GOST 4529-78 import.
Group: Chloride zinc
Calcium chloride 6 water
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Calcium chloride 6 water.
Group: Calcium chloride
Potassium carbonic import GOST 4221-76
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Potassium carbonic import GOST 4221-76.
Group: Potash
Anhydrous sodium carbonate, standard caption
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Sodium carbonic anhydrous standard caption.
Group: Sodium carbonate waterless


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