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Chemical solvents

ChDA acetone
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Organic solvents, acetone, Acetone (ChDA). Synonyms - dimethyl ketone Name of reactant - Acetone Acetone pure is intended for the analysis for application in scientific researches and laboratory practice.
Group: Organic solvents
OP-2 acetone
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Solvent organic OP-2 Acetone. OP 2 Acetone in production of methylmethacrylate, methyl-isobutyl ketone, methacrylic acid, methylisobutylcarbinol, bisphenol-Ç, pharmaceuticals, solvent perkhlorvinilovy and the poly(acrylic varnishes, etc. is applied.
Group: Organic solvents
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N-hexane production of Germany n-Geksan - saturated not branched hydrocarbon. n-Geksan colorless, transparent, mobile, inflammable liquid with slight smell. does not mix up with water, we will well dissolve in many organic solvents. Chemical properties of hexane are typical for saturated...
Group: Organic solvents
The O-xylol is pure
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reactant of au xylol pure the xylol can be used as solvents of paint coatings and mastics. The xylol is aromatic hydrocarbon
Group: Organic solvents


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